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#20230926 Gaelin Elmore: Erase the Belonging Gap (September 2023)

#20230803 Dr. Richard Delaney: [PROFESSIONALS] The Dilemma of Attachment (August 2023)

#20230626 Dana Butler: Changing the Narrative of ADHD (June 2023)

#20230613 Jody McElroy (DHS): Minnesota Assessment for Parenting Children and Youth – Supporting Children in Care and Permanency (free) (June 2023)

#20230530 Nate Sheets: Emotional Regulation Strategies for Children and Teens (May 2023)

#20230524 Breanna Gronli: Finding Your Child’s Lost Identity (May 2023)

#20230504 Brandon Jensen: [For Professionals] Introduction to Parent Child Interaction Therapy (May 2023)

#20230427 Keiran Vitek: [Spring Summit] To Grief Theory and Beyond (April 2023)

#20230419_4 Barb Clark: [Spring Summit] Failure to Launch; How to Support Adults with FASD (April 2023)

#20230419_3 Krista Nelson: [Spring Summit] Trust: The Heart of Adoption Developmental Stages (April 2023)

#20230419_2 Tatiana Bergum & Mel Alvar: [Spring Summit] Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Minnesota (April 2023)

#20230411_3 Maude LeRoux: [Spring Summit] Anxiety and Sensory Processing (April 2023)

#20230411_2 Mariah Rooney: [Spring Summit] Parts of You, Parts of Me (April 2023)

#202304411 Stephanie Coleman & Brianna Sigg: [Spring Summit] Supporting Families Providing Care to LGBTQ+ Youth (April 2023)

#20230221 Jana Hunsley: The Impact of Placement on the Invisible Family Members and the Whole Family (February 2023)

#20230214 Ashley Holmes (DHS): Interstate Compact on Placement of Children (ICPC)… What, When, How? (February 2023) (free)

#20230308 Deena McMahon: Addressing Sexual Behaviors with Children and Youth (February 2023)

#20230110 Dana Johnson: [For Professionals] The Adverse Effects of Deprivation and the Positive Effects of Adoption (January 2023)


#20221208 Krista Nelson: Unpacking one “RAD” Youth’s Journey from Fear and Fight to a Connected Life (December 2022)

#20221206 Bruce O’Leary: Self-Injurious Behavior: Mirrors In, Windows Out (December 2022)

#20221102_7B John Sobraske: Executive Function Challenges in Adopted Youth (November 2022)

#20221102_6B Nicole Sheppard: DBT: Skills to Support Adoptees Navigating High Crisis and Life Transitions (November 2022)

#20221102_5B Breanna Gronli: Ripple Effects (November 2022)

#20221101_2A Adam Arnold: The Democratic Youth Engagement (DYE) Model (November 2022)

#20221101_1B Thad Shunkwiler: Vaping: Strategies to Slow the Runaway Train (November 2022)

#20221017 Marcia Anick: Parents as Educational Advocates (October 2022)

#20221006 Deena McMahon: From My Arms to Yours: Compassionate Transitions for Children in Care (October 2022)

#20221004 DHS: Services for Preventing and Supporting Children Experiencing Crisis (free webinar) (October 2022)

#20220922 Morrighan, Amber & Haddican, Aubrey: [For Professionals] Disruptions & Dissolutions: Bringing the Taboo to the Light (September 2022)

#20220914 Noelle Palmer: When in Crisis! Help for Families Formed Through Adoption & Kinship (September 2022)

#20220913 Brenda Benning: Defiance & Disrespect: Battles with Homework and Chores (September 2022)

#20220908 Misty Coonce & Natalie Netzel: Kinship: Know Your Rights (September 2022)

#20220615 Alyssa Klein & Lindsey Horowitz (DHS): Supports for Transition-Aged Students with Disabilities (August 2022)

#20220621 A.C. Fowlkes Considerations for Caring for LGBTQ+ Foster Youth (June 2022)

#20220616 Deena McMahon & Maude LeRoux: Living in the Deep End: Q&A (June 2022)

#20220608 Marc & Kathryn Markell: Fostering Grief Support: Helping and Healing (June 2022)

#20220523 Michael Heinen: In the Best Interest of the Child (May 2022)

#20220509 Amber Morrighan: Caring for Relationships in the Midst of a Storm (May 2022)

#20220421-3 Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker:Understanding the Racial and Cultural Needs of Transracially Parented Youth (April 2022)

#20220421-1 Dr. A.C. Fowlkes: Mental Health in LGBTQ+ Youth: Tapping into Community Resilience (April 2022)

#20220413-4 Deena McMahon & Maude Le Roux: Living in the Deep End: Interventions for Children and Families with Trauma  (April 2022)

#20220413-1 Lucius Luther & Amber Morrighan: The Talk: Addressing Common Concerns and FAQs in Foster Care and Adoption (April 2022)

#20220405-3 Misty Coonce: Supporting Relative and Kinship Families (April 2022)

#20220405-2 Dr. James Henry: Integrating Resiliency Through a Holistic Trauma-Informed Approach (April 2022)

#20220405-1 Jessica Brogger, Paul Minehart, Tendai Woitock: Helping Minnesota Children and Families Thrive: Expanded Processes to Meet Children’s Needs in Residential Care  (free webinar) (April 2022)

#20220330 Elisha Wolfman, Catrina Ankarlo, Vanessa Ryan: Demystifying the Northstar Permanency Process with DHS Tips and Tricks (For Professionals)  (free webinar) (March 2022)

#20220309 Brandon Jones: Using Sustainable Wellness to Move Beyond Pandemic Woes (March 2022)

#20220302 Marc Markell: The Aftermath of Suicide: Survivors Living Through the Pain (March 2022)

#20220214 Brianna Sigg: Identity & Attachment: Understanding LGBTQ+ Impact on Development (February 2022)

#20220210 Jeremy Carney: Ethics in Child Welfare  (February 2022)

#20220119 Michelle Young: Equity…Are We There, Yet? No! (January 2022)

#20220106 James Henry & Mark Sloane: Addressing Secondary Trauma & Compassion Fatigue (January 2022)


#20211201 Amy Bailey: Supporting Children in Care Through the Holidays (December 2021)

#20211117 Amber Morrighan:  Self-Care While in the Trenches (November 2021)

#20211019 Heather Siek: The Impact of COVID on Children’s Mental Health (October 2021)

#20211014 Amber Morrighan: [PROFESSIONALS] Attachment and Transitions for Youth in Care (October 2021)

#20211006 Cam Lee Small: Impact of Culture & Race on Family Systems (October 2021)

#20210928 Tami DeCoteau: Understanding and Managing Your Anxiety (September 2021)

#20210922 Maude LeRoux & Deena McMahon: RAD: Doing Better with What We Have Learned (For Professionals) (September 2021)

#20210727 James Rechs:  Understanding Autism in Adoption and Foster Care  (July 2021)

#20210609 Maris Blechner:  The Invisible Realities of Successful Adoption  (June 2021)

#20210526  Shannon Gibney:  Navigating Race and Identity (May 2021)

#20210517 Adrian McLemore & Michael Sanders:  Strength-Based Mindset: A Guided Discussion  (May 2021)

#20210511 April Dinwoodie:  Collective Experiences and a Deeper Understanding of Racial Identity-Part 2  (May 2021)

#20210504 April Dinwoodie:  Collective Experiences and a Deeper Understanding of Racial Identity-Part 1  (May 2021)

#20210510 Deena McMahon, Kirsten Langerman & Jessica Miller:  The Talk – An Honest Conversation with a Therapist, a Social Worker, and a Foster Parent (free webinar) (May 2021)

#20210426 Mary-Jo Land:  Come Play with Me!  (April 2021)

#20210422 Mariah Rooney:  ACEs in Real Life: Caring for and Parenting Children Who Have Experienced ACEs (April 2021)

#20210421 Kim Rossow:  How to Talk to Your Child About Sex (April 2021)

#20210415  Naijean Bernard:  Building a Strong Racial Identity in African American Children Through Hair Care (April 2021)

#20210413: Charley Joyce & Tami De Coteau:  How Providing Foster Care Can Impact Relationships within Families and the Community (April 2021)

#20210409 Pat O’Brien:  Laughter for the Health of It: How to Ease the Stresses, Tensions, and Pains of Parenting and Everyday Life Through the Use of Laughter  (April 2021)

#20210406 Allison Davis Maxon:  Seven Core Issues in Kinship Families  (April 2021)

#20210329 Amber Morrighan:  I’m Caring for a Child With Attachment and Trauma Issues: Now What? (Part 2 of 2) (March 2021)

#20210315 Amber Morrighan:  I’m Caring for a Child With Attachment and Trauma Issues: Now What?  (March 2021)

#20210311 Jennifer Harvey & Robert O’Connor:  Parenting Children of Color:  A Call to Introspection, Awareness, and Action! (March 2021)

#20210310 Ellen Krug:  Transgender 101  (March 2021)

#20210224 Krista Nelson: Strategies for Parenting Your Testing Teen (February 2021)

#20210218 McMahon, Deena & Lucius Luther: Reconciling the Grief of Unmet Expectations (February 2021)

#20210209 Adrian McLemore: All Behavior has MEANING!  (February, 2021)

#20210121 Adam Arnold: Closing the Gap: Anxiety in Foster and Adopted Children & Adolescents  (January 2021)

#20210120 Karen Moore: Being a Permanency Competent Professional: What Does That Mean and How Do I Do It? (January 2021)


#20201207 Michael Harris: The FASD Parenting Mindset: Eight Habits that Will Upgrade Your Parenting from Stuck to Unstoppable  (December 2020)

#20201120 Maude Le Roux: Sensory Processing and Attachment, Part 4 (of 4)  (November 2020)

#20201113 Maude Le Roux: Sensory Processing and Attachment, Part 3 (of 4)  (November 2020)

#20201102 Heather Van Brunt:  HELP Program Overview (free to view on our Youtube channel)  (November 2020)

#20201030 Maude Le Roux: Sensory Processing and Attachment, Part 2 (of 4)  (October 2020)

#20201022 Maude Le Roux: Sensory Processing and Attachment, Part 1 (of 4)  (October 2020)

#20201007 Kevin Hofmann: Lessons From the Life – What Every Transracial Parent Should Know  (October 2020)

#20201006 Robin Starch & Rebecca Slaby: Moving Beyond “Inclusiveness”: Using Anti-Bias Education Theory to Create the Conditions of Belonging  (October 2020)

#20201005 Heather Siek:  Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): Tips and Interventions to Help Children with FASDs Succeed (October 2020)

#2020930 Steve Lochen: Transitioning Kids from Foster to Adoptive Homes (September 2020)

#20200929 Rick Delaney & Charley Joyce:  Relatively Speaking: Addressing Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Challenges  (September 2020)

#20200924 Paul Buckley:  Complex Trauma: What the Heck Is Going on with Students These Days?!! Core Ideas for Educators (September 2020)

#20200923 Krista Nelson:  Navigating the Teen Years as an Adoptive Parent (September 2020)

#20200916 Anne Gearity: COVID: It’s Still Here! Supporting Families and Ourselves Through Unprecedented Times (September 2020)

#20200723 –  Amie Summers & Mariah Rooney: Reliable Paths to Regulation (July 2020)

#20200624 – Adrian McLemore: From Policy to Practice – Unpacking the NO!  (June 2020)

#20200611 – Kimara Gustafson: Common Medical Conditions for Adopted or Foster Care Children  (June 2020)

#20200602 – Margaret Blaustein:  Caregiving Through a Trauma Lens: Core Skills for Parents and Providers (June 2020)

#20200520 – Charley Joyce:  FOR PROFESSIONALS- Visitation and Transitions/Grief and Loss in Foster Care for Child Welfare Professionals  (May 2020)

#20200429 – Minnesota Dept of Human Services: Dept. of Human Services, Child Safety and Permanency Division, Listening Session for Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families (free webinar) (April 2020)

#20200421 – Marc Markell: Helping Ourselves, Children and Teens Grieve (April 2020)

#20200413 – Katherine Lingras: The Impact of Trauma on Children’s Development: What to Know and What You Can Do!  (April 2020)

#20200303 – Jenna Quinn: Preventing, Recognizing, and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse (March 2020)

 #20200225- Sue Badeau: Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First: The Importance of Understanding Secondary Trauma and Practicing Self-Care (February 2020)

#20200204 – Melissa Taylor: Kids Hair Fundamentals (February 2020)

#20200131 – Chaitra Wirta-Leiker: Strategies to Support Positive Racial Identity Development in Transracial Adoption (January 2020)


#20191203 – Wendy Wolff: Handle With Care: Navigating Children’s Birth Family Connections (December 2019)

#20191119 – Heather Siek: Understanding Children 0-5 from a Developmental Lens (November 2019)

#20191106 (1192) – Ed Morales: When Child Protection Calls: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Child Protection (November 2019)

 #20190924 – Eva Wood: Creating Inclusive Homes & Services for LGBTQ+ Youth in Our Care (September 2019)

#20190910 – Jessica Brogger & Heidi Ombisa Skallet: Adoption Agency Recruitment and Placement Requirements under the Multiethnic Placement Act and the Interethnic Adoption Provisions (free webinar) (September 2019)

#20190815 – Lisa Krause: Beyond Bubble Baths and Yoga: Self- Care for Parents (August 2019)

#20190725 – Charley Joyce: Grief and Loss in Foster Care, It’s Complicated! (July 2019)

#20190624- Sarah Ladd & Tammi Stoos: Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: Basics for Foster and Adoptive Families (June 2019)

#20190604 – Katie Naftzger: The Power of Words – What to Say to Your Adopted Teen and Why…. (June 2019)

#20190530 – Mary Jo Spencer: Healing the Whole Child; Comprehensive Child Wellness Assessments for Adopted, Fostered, or Kinship Care Children (May 2019)

#20190404 – Ed Morales: From 0-60 and Back Again: De-escalation and Crisis Management for Parents (April 2019)

#20190409 – Michelle Frazier; Crystal Graves; Sarah Ladd; Heidi Ombisa Skallet : Finding Forever Families for Trafficked or Exploited Youth (free webinar) (April 2019)

#20190319 – Adam Arnold: Screen Attachment (March 2019)

#20190227 – Brenda Benning & Misty Coonce: Reframing Respite Care (February 2019)

#20190220 – Alison Feigh: Navigating Virtual Playground, Part 1 (February 2019)

#20190130 – Natalie Dunphy: Developmental Repair: a framework and tools to support distressed children (January 2019)


#20181106 – Michael Harris: Becoming The Parent Your Child with FASD Needs (November 2018)

#20180815 – Dr. Richard Delaney: Understanding and Coping With Behavior Problems in Children (August 2018)

#20180613 – Janet Bystrom: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation 2.0: Essential Updates for Parenting Queer and Trans Youth of Today (June 2018)

#1179 – Jeanne Ketola: A Different Lens–Retooling Parenting Relationships for Children With FASD & Trauma 

#1178 – Paul Buckley: Eyes Wide Open – How Looking Into Our Own Hearts Helps Heal the Wounds of Others

#1177 – Amie Summers & Tammy Starkey: Sensory Equipment for Children and Teens

#1176 – Sarah Lockhart: Caregiving after Trauma: The Effects of Witnessing Violence on Children

#1175 – Jennifer Townsend: Engaging and Serving Kinship Adoptive Families

#1174 – Jerrod Brown: FASD and Juvenile Justice System


#1171 – Jennifer Gallagher Lindh: Child Sexual Behavior: Dispelling the Myths

#1172 – Dr. Richard Delaney: Getting to Yes – Help Parents with Children Who Are Non-compliant and Defiant

#1169 – April Dinwoodie: Have You Ever Started a Conversation About Race?

#1166 – Barb Clark:  Strategies for Parents & Schools

#1165 – Brenda Benning: Beyond Consequences For Professionals

#1164 – Courtney Rennicke, PhD: Safe Brains Learn Best

#1162- Amy Gross:  Neuropsychological Evaluations: What Parents Need to Know

#1161 – Betsy Smalley: Telling the Truth and Making Sense of the Past


#1159 – Paul Buckley: Marital Conflict- The Hidden Hurt of Foster Care and Adoption

#1158 – Dr. Darron Smith: Mommy Am I Next?: Discussing White on Black Racism with Transracial Adoptees

#1157 – Kelly Heagle: Navigating the Special Education System: Advocating Effectively for Your Child

#1154 – Kelly Pieper & Christina Bast: Talking with Children About Foster Care and Adoption

#1152 – Deena McMahon: Reactive Attachment Disorder Throughout the Lifespan

#1150 – Dr. Katja Rowell: Beyond Picky Eating: End the Power Struggles and Support Nutrition & Health Growth

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