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#20240418 WEBINAR: [Part 2] Consent Toolbox Through a Cultural Lens – Age 10 to 18




April (2024)

The last of two sessions will focus on youth ages 10-18.  Please note: Part one of this series addresses ages 0-9. Find it here

Consent is complex and this workshop will give participants the tools to make sure youth understand consent even when they have experienced sexual abuse themselves. Participants will increase their understanding of how historical trauma, privilege and sexual abuse impacts youth development, specifically when it comes to teaching consent.  This workshop will help participants empower youth ages 10-18 in understanding and teaching consent. Participants will also learn how to intervene early with youth who are having difficulty with boundary crossing and inappropriate behaviors.

Learning objectives for youth in the 10-18 age range:
Participants will learn how unresolved collective/historical trauma impacts youth perception of consent and privilege.
Participants will learn 3 main concepts that need to be covered when teaching youth about consent.
Participants will learn how to effectively respond to youth who are crossing boundaries with peers and younger children.
Participants will learn how to implement 3 activities that they can use with youth to highlight understanding of the 3 main consent concepts.

This workshop will offer historical perspectives and how they relate to sexual abuse, often creating intergenerational trauma that impacts risk for sexual abuse. The workshop will offer hands on tools and activities that participants can use to address consent with youth from ages 10 to 18. Lastly, the presenters will focus on the importance of early intervention when youth behaviors are inappropriate.

This material will be offered within the context of a wide range of family beliefs and perspectives. Care will be given to respecting the collective trauma many populations experience while still communicating important facts.  The presenters will offer theoretical information and case discussion. There will be opportunities to try the tools with hands on activities.

Libby Bergman, LICSW, was one of three co-founders of the Family Enhancement Center and has served as the Executive Director since 2000. Libby has worked with youth and families for over 30 years and is a sought after expert and speaker on the subject of child abuse and neglect. Libby was the recipient of the 2011 Children’s Law Center of Minnesota’s Heroes for Children Award.  She was honored again in 2013 with the University of Minnesota School of Social Work Alumna of the Year.

Skye is FEC’s Youth Intervention Program Manager and does psychotherapy with youth and adults, ages 10 and up. Skye is developing a curriculum called Violence Intervention through Relational Empowerment (VIRE), for youth who have experienced trauma and may be at risk for engaging in harmful behaviors or experiencing future abuse. Skye grew up on the East Side of Saint Paul, obtained her Master’s in Social Work at the University of MN, Duluth, has experience working with adolescents in residential and outpatient settings, and previously worked under the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) as a county case manager. Skye is pursuing a Graduate Certification for specializing in Expressive Arts Therapy. Skye highly values community and family led practices that acknowledge historical and systematic traumas and emphasize intergenerational strengths and how they all relate to people on an individual level. She does not view her practice as the solution when working with families and individuals, but rather as just another tool in their toolbox.

Watch time: 90 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 90 minutes

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