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“Make a difference in your own life, by making a difference in the life of a child.” 

            ~ Kathleen Blatz, Former MN Chief Justice 



Making the decision to adopt, and the style of adoption you’d like to pursue, are highly personal experiences that require a lot of self-reflection and comparison.

Those who ultimately choose to adopt from foster care do so for a variety of reasons, some of which are highlighted below:

Meeting a Community Need

Families who adopt through foster care are meeting a direct, urgent need in our community by providing a safe, loving, permanent home for a Minnesota child. These are children that will face staggering odds without the support and security of a permanent family as they reach adulthood.

Making a Difference in the Life of a Child

Children in need of adoptive families have all had difficult early life experiences. Families who welcome these children into their family do so with the commitment to evaluate their parenting strategies while engaging in the education and support needed to meet their child’s unique needs.

Subsidized Adoption Fees

The State of Minnesota has a strong commitment to ensuring Minnesota children in foster care have the best opportunity to find a permanent family. Through their contracts with five private adoption agencies, the State subsidizes costs so that families do not incur any adoption related fees. Additionally, families receive a one-time reimbursement after an adoption is completed, which covers court or travel fees incurred through the adoption process.

Financial and Medical Assistance

Children adopted from Minnesota foster care receive medical assistance and ongoing financial assistance depending on the needs of the child. This assistance, which is not available through Domestic Infant or International adoption, reduces some of the financial barriers that may exist for families.

Support from First Call through Finalization

Families who adopt from Minnesota foster care have a team of compassionate and skilled professionals to guide them every step of the way. This ‘Adoption Team’ ensures that the child and family have the services and resources needed to assist with the transition process and beyond.

Post-Adoption Services for Children and Families

The State of Minnesota is committed to supporting adoptive families after finalization. By providing a variety of post-adoption supportive services, families are equipped with the supports needed to promote success for the years ahead. Some of the Minnesota post-adoption services available to all Minnesota residents include:

  • Foster Adopt Minnesota’s supportive services, including: resource packed website, Education Program, HELP
  • North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) and Adoption Support Network (ASN)
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