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Examples of family feedback regarding their interactions with the HELP Program….

“It’s a very good resource for adoptive parents who don’t know where to turn. I had no idea what to do with my kids – it was a very bad time. I needed direction. The HELP Program helped me find a therapist and they helped talk me through what was going on. Any parent who might be in the same spot would appreciate their help.”

“I didn’t know quite what to expect when I called the hotline, but your help and our conversation far exceeded my highest expectations! What a wonderful service and I would love to see similar services in all 50 states to support adoptive families and children!!!

“Navigating support networks is sometimes so difficult you cannot access the support. [Foster Adopt MN] HELP Program really was about making the process easy and being as helpful as possible. Everyone was kind and knowledgeable. The support I received made a significant difference.”

“I never dreamed that there was this much support out there for families with adopted children! Thank you HELP Program for being so available to us and so supportive.”

“I’m a strong believer of FAMILY FIRST and I believe that ALL the children in our world are our FUTURE. This is the reason why I decided to adopt my nieces….[Foster Adopt MN] helped me stay focused, gave me great resources for help and are just a bunch of beautiful individuals. That provided a listening ear if needed and made me feel like somebody really cared…. With this being said I would like to Thank [Foster Adopt MN] for helping me achieve my BIGGEST accomplishment in my life.” – Kinship adoptive parent

“I don’t know how I would have survived without the care and support from [Foster Adopt MN], specificity the HELP program. When I wasn’t sure how I would make it through another day they listened to me…..HELP referred me to a great therapist that my daughter and I still go to….I recommend [Foster Adopt MN] to everyone I know.”


 Examples of worker feedback regarding their interactions with the HELP Program ….

“Thank you for all this good information as well as the enthusiastic and clearly presented info you and your colleagues shared at our GAL Round table meeting yesterday…. 
If only I had had access to so many resources in 1980 when we adopted our daughter.  Or my mother when she adopted my brother and sister in the 1950’s, or when my daughter placed her child for adoption in the 1990s and badly needed this kind of info to help her through that very difficult time.  

This is very complicated issue and it seems many of us are never “done” with it!  So I applaud this program and your collective passion for it.”
– Hennepin County Guardian Ad Litem

“Our adoptive families are appreciative of the services from the [Foster Adopt MN] HELP program. The workers in this program are quick to respond with options and ideas which help the adoptive parents locate services, education and supports.”
– Agency Social Worker

“I just can’t say enough about what a wonderful support [Foster Adopt MN] has been over the years, both as a resource parent in Minnesota, and now as I transition into a professional public child welfare role. I recently contacted the HELP Program on behalf of a young woman, and was given excellent referrals to adoption-competent care providers based specifically on her unique needs and wants. I’m very pleased to say that she has reviewed the referrals, and is open to the idea of receiving mental health support for the first time in several years! Huge thanks to the [Foster Adopt MN] HELP staff, and everyone at [Foster Adopt MN] for being such an amazing resource to Minnesota children, families, and the professionals working in partnership with them!”
–Parent and Adoption Professional, University of Minnesota MSW Title IV-E Public Child Welfare Student

“Thank you so much for the work you all do at the HELP program – it really is a priceless tool that is provided to us as agency workers and families!” -Agency Adoption Social Worker

“I know many of the families we work with are very grateful for the HELP Program!” -Executive Director of a large counseling center in MN

“Your clinical input is invaluable! Thanks for your expertise and thoughtfulness.”  -Community Professional (School Staff)

“The service you provide is so helpful to workers and families.” -Community Professional (Guardian Ad Litem)         


HELP Podcast Series

“Thank you for your time and encouragement and positive words.  It is certainly rare these days…I am grateful for my conversation with you and the helpful direction we are headed in. I know we’re on the right track now with [Foster Adopt MN] and there is some real relief in knowing that.”
-HELP Program Assisted Adoptive Parent


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