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Once you’ve made the decision to further explore what it means to adopt one of Minnesota’s waiting children, the following information, links and contacts will help get started with your process.

Contact Foster Adopt Minnesota
We’re here to answer your questions!
While our goal is to provide comprehensive and detailed information on our website, we understand that adoption and foster care can be a complex process and that families sometimes have individualized needs or questions they want to discuss.  Our staff is happy to take time to answer your questions so you can be assured you have the correct information you need to begin your process.

Contact a Private Agency
In Minnesota, if you work with one of the six agencies (PPPC Agencies) contracted by the State to assist families adopting from foster care, you will not incur any adoption-related fees. Additionally, there are agencies not contracted with the State that provide services to families adopting from foster care, but there will likely be a fee to you for their services. Private Agencies

Contact Your County Agency
While every county in Minnesota works with families who want to provide foster care to a child as a temporary resource, not all counties work with families wishing to adopt from foster care.  If you’re primary interest it to become an adoptive parent, you will want to verify with your county of residence if they can assist you with this process. County Agencies

Below is a guide that you may find useful as you talk to your county or agency.
Questions to Ask


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