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It’s Fe’brr’uary!

This is Minnesota and it will get cold again.

We are collecting cold weather gear this month like jackets,
snowpants,hats, mittens, gloves, boots.

New items only. All sizes needed.

Find out more information below.

Over the years, we have received offers of toys, books and various gifts for the Minnesota kids in foster care that we serve. We are happy to announce that we have launched an official ‘shop’ in which those items can be donated.
We will house and distribute items from our office building in St. Paul and plan to have scheduled times for workers, recruiters and families to come by and “shop”.

You can purchase specific items through our Amazon Wish list, either our “needed items” or shop on your own. These will be sent to our office in St. Paul. You can also choose to shop locally and set up a time to drop items off.

Fill out the form below, Set Up a Shopping Date, to schedule a time to shop for your foster child.

Donate Items:

Schedule Shopping:

Your role:
Children are welcome to join you, but not required.
Any additional questions or comments.

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