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The HELP Program is an innovative initiative created in 2011 by the Foster Adopt Minnesota organization, an organization that has provided adoption and permanency focused advocacy, resources, and support to the Minnesota adoption community since 1980. The HELP Program is made possible through the ongoing support and funding from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

The HELP Program was born out of the objective to improve access to post-adoption support for Minnesota families who adopted children under state guardianship (commonly known as foster care adoption). Over the years, services have transformed to meet the needs of the adoption, foster and kinship community as a whole and are constantly evolving. HELP Program staff have worked tirelessly to create a supportive resource that embraces innovation, collaboration, and advocacy that ensures no one is left navigating their journey alone.

Through ongoing relationships with adoptive, foster and kinship families, community professionals, adopted persons, and various networks within Minnesota and nationally, the HELP Program has created a model that has proven instrumental in creating supported, stable home environments.

A guiding focus of the program is providing the attachment, trauma, and adoption/permanency-competent resources necessary to support, and encourage people through their lifelong journey.


HELP Podcast Series

“Staff is very knowledgeable and take lots of time to explain options. They don’t hang up till they are sure they have answered all questions adequately and/or have referred you to get answers. Staff is kind, compassionate and non-judgmental. I feel like my issues are very important to them. I feel validated and feel that they truly care about my entire family.”
– HELP Program Assisted Adoptive Parent


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