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Circus of the Heart

Saturday, November 4

Celebrate and explore adoption!
Foster Care
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Foster Care
Are you interested in fostering a child?

There are hundreds of children in Minnesota who need adoptive families immediately.

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MN Waiting Children

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Therapist Directory
Foster Adopt Minnesota HELP Program
Find a Therapist
Find vetted, competent, therapists who work with adoptive, foster and kinship families.

With your help, Foster Adopt Minnesota raised almost $40,000 for this year's Back To School Shopping campaign. 198 Minnesota children are shopping for clothing and school essentials this month.

We thank you for making a difference in Minnesota children's lives.

Need HELP?

Every family struggles from time to time.
We believe it is a sign of strength to ask for help.

We welcome calls from foster, adoptive, and kinship parents and the professionals who support them.

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MN ADOPT is now

As we start a new year, we are excited to also begin this chapter of our organization. Learn more about this brand update and the work we’re doing to support the Minnesota adoption, foster and kinship communities.


Zero Kids Waiting

The Zero Kids Waiting Program is the gateway to information about adoption, foster care, and kinship in Minnesota

Learn more

Fostering Network

The Fostering Network Program provides awareness, information, support, and referral to improve the safety and well-being of Minnesota children in foster care.

Learn more

HELP & Permanency Services

Support, guidance, and resource connection for Minnesota’s adoption, foster and kinship communities.

Learn more

Post-Permanency Navigator

Information, resources and referrals
regarding post-adoption support in Minnesota.

Learn more


Our Education Program provides workshops on topics relevant to foster, adoptive, and kinship families.

Learn more


Provides information and referral to adopted persons, birth families and adoptive families who need records or have questions about the search process.

Learn more


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FOSTER ADOPT MINNESOTA, also known as FAM, is a non-placing agency in the state of Minnesota that provides programs and services to fully support adoptive, kinship and foster families and their children.

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Contact Us

FOSTER ADOPT MINNESOTA welcomes the opportunity to assist you in whatever way that we can!

Toll-Free: 1.866.303.6276

Local: 612.861.7115


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Diversity & Inclusion

FOSTER ADOPT MINNESOTA is committed to a culture of inclusivity and does not condone or tolerate discrimination in any form.  We welcome all families and individuals without regard to age, gender identity or gender expression, marital status, military status, physical or mental disability or functional limitation, racial, ethnic or national origin, religious affiliations or beliefs, sex or gender, sexual orientation, skin color, or socioeconomic status.

This nondiscrimination practice applies to all our services and activities, including but not limited to, hiring, firing, and promotion of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services.  We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all clients, members of our staff, volunteers, subcontractors, and vendors.

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