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Minnesota individuals and families who want to pursue adoption of Minnesota waiting children are required to attend Pre-Adopt Education Classes. This can be completed through Children’s Home Society of Minnesota

CHLSS Pre-Adoption Education Classes

  • This is a requirement to work with one of the six (no fee) Public Private Permanency Collaboration (PPPC) agencies.
  • Pre-Adoption education is offered in a cohort model in-person, hybrid or online multiple times a month
  • Information will be provided about all the PPPC agencies for families who have not yet selected their agency prior to this training.
  • Individuals/families who plan to use a county, tribal or non-PPPC adoption agency are welcome to attend and should verify it will qualify for their process.
  • Click here to register for an upcoming training.

Individuals/families who complete the pre-adopt education classes can choose to work with:

  • One of the six (no fee) PPPC agencies. Click here to find information about the PPPC agencies who are licensed and contracted with Minnesota’s Department of Human Services (DHS) to facilitate the foster care adoption process for Minnesota’s waiting children.
  • A private (for fee) agency. Feel free to inquire with other private child-placement agencies who are licensed by DHS. These agencies are also involved with permanency planning for children; however, their fees and processes may differ.
  • Your local county Health and Human Services agency. Click here to find the contact information for your county’s foster care program. Please note some county agencies only license for foster care and may refer you to a PPPC agency if your ultimate goal is adoption. There is no fee to license through your county or tribe.
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