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Certificates of Attendance for Live Webinars:

Certificate of Attendance (COA) login

Q: What is the COA database?

A: The Certificate of Attendance (COA) database houses all your certificates of attendance as well as the presenters’ handouts.

Q: I already have an account, why can’t I log in?

A: Please note the account to register for trainings and the COA account are separate. The COA database is connected to your email that you use to register for trainings. It is important to use that same email when creating a database account.

Q: When I clicked ‘forgot password’ I didn’t get an email.

A: This indicates you do not have an account associated with that email.

Q: I watched the webinar with a partner, how do they get a Certificate of Attendance?

A: Live webinar attendees must register individually and watch on their own device for proper tracking.

Q: I attended the webinar, why didn’t I receive a certificate?

A: Our Zoom records must indicate you attended majority of the webinar to receive a certificate of attendance. If you have not received a certificate within 5 business days, please reach out to

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