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#20231003 WEBINAR: Building Positive Partnerships with Foster Parents




(October 2023) Building Positive Partnerships with Parents

Join a panel consisting of a foster parent, staff from Becker and Sherburne Counties and MN DHS, about supporting Children by Building Positive Partnerships with Foster Parents. What information should/can be shared from initial placement and throughout the case of a youth in care?  This workshop will help foster parents and professionals understand each other’s perspectives and roles, and is specifically developed for Child Welfare workers and On-Going Case Managers.  Learn about the importance of including foster parents whenever possible; from involving providers in developing case plans, MAPCY assessments to including them at court hearings and other planning meetings, this will be a valuable training resource for Workers to better understand the foster parent’s role within the Child Welfare Team.

Nicole LeDoux has worked for Becker County since April 2001; the first 13 years with the Juvenile Probation department as a Child Welfare Worker/Out of Home Placement Coordinator, and the last 9 years as a Child Protection Social Worker.  Nicole has held several primary roles in Child Protection including intake and child protection case management.  She currently serves as the child foster care licensor for Becker County.

Chelsea Doherty has worked at Sherburne County Health and Human Services for 6 years; the first three years were with Child Protection completing Investigations and Assessments and the last three years have been in Child Foster Care Licensing. In her current role, she assists Child Welfare staff when out of home placement of children is needed, licenses and provides on-going support to foster care providers, engages the community to educate about programs and partners with various agencies to provide resources and supports to foster children and families. Previously, she worked at another MN County as a Child Protection Investigator and has also worked in Law Enforcement and Correctional settings.

Jody McElroy has worked for the MN Department of Human Services since January 2009; the first five years with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, and the past eight+ years with Northstar Care for Children and the Permanency Support Unit within DHS. She ensures quality assurance with the MAPCY assessment tool, provides guidance, reviews and approves benefits for the highest needs children through the MAPCY Extraordinary Levels process, and serves as a member of the Northstar implementation team. Previously, she worked for 16-years at Ramsey County in various positions.

Amy along with her husband, Kevin, have been licensed foster care providers for 8 years and have had over 60 children in their home whether for a day, a weekend, a week, or longer through respite care, crisis nursery, short and long term foster care placements. Many of these children and their families have remained a part of their lives including 2 children that they have adopted from foster care – one as an infant and a teenage adoption.  In addition, they have 6 biological children now all grown. Amy worked for 17 years as a paralegal at a law firm but most recently as a Children’s Director at a local church serving and loving kids ages birth- 5th grade and their families. Her husband, Kevin, has served as a Student Pastor for over 20 years serving students in 6-12th grade and their families. In 2016, together, they founded a nonprofit called The Compassion Connection that serves and supports foster and adoptive families which includes a Resource Closet that serves to help provide tangible personal items for kids and families in crisis throughout Central MN.

Watch time: 90 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 90 minutes

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