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#20231207 WEBINAR: [For Professionals] Addressing Grief & Loss for All Members of Adoptive Families




(December 2023) [For Professionals] Addressing Grief & Loss for All Members of Adoptive Families

Each member of an adoptive family experiences grief and loss in different ways at different times. We often talk about the grief and loss adopted children experience – the sometimes physical loss of their birth parents, the psychological loss, cultural loss, historical loss, etc. that can be experienced throughout their lifespan. The reality is that all members of adoptive families can experience loss, sometimes physical loss but most often ambiguous loss. Sometimes this loss can be so big that it’s the elephant in the room, affecting the way each member reacts and responds to each other. In this webinar, we will discuss the losses each member of adoptive families can face and how to help families move forward in healthier ways.

Dr. Jana Hunsley is the Executive Director of Project 1025 LLC, an organization devoted to equipping and supporting adoptive and foster families, where she offers consulting, training, coaching, and counseling for families and professionals. She is also co-founder of Camp Together, a nonprofit offering therapeutic family camps for families impacted by trauma. Jana received her doctorate in experimental psychology from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University where her research focused on understanding and meeting the needs of every member of adoptive and foster families through post-adoption supportive services. Over the years, Jana has worked in various clinical settings as a therapist with children and youth who have experienced trauma, including residential treatment, institutional care, schools, child welfare, and juvenile detention. Jana credits her passion for this work to her siblings who were adopted when she was a teenager.

Watch time: 111 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 110 minutes

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