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#20240507 WEBINAR: Prioritizing Belonging in the Classroom for Students Navigating Trauma




May (2024)

Gaelin is back to honor National Teacher Day, May 7th, 2024!  As adults who have stepped up to care for and help youth grow, it is important to ensure that their trauma does not define their future. Did you know that the primary sources of belonging for youth are family, school, and community, in that order? If you serve, connect, or care for youth in any 3 of those spaces, then this webinar will be for you. Belonging is a basic human need that is essential for every person, regardless of age or background. However, children who have experienced traumatic or adverse events may find it harder to attain this need than others. We will cover foundational concepts such as trauma, belonging, ACEs, and more. We will explore the link between trauma and a lack of belonging. And most importantly, we will uncover, brainstorm, and discuss strategies for fostering a sense of belonging in your classroom spaces and assisting those you serve in reaching their full potential.

Gaelin Elmore is a keynote speaker, trainer, lived experience expert, and child belonging advocate. He blends his lived experience with current psychology and neuroscience to help adults, professionals, and communities implement belonging so that trauma doesn’t have the final say in the lives of those impacted by it.

Watch time: 72 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 72 minutes

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