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#20240307_2 WEBINAR: [Spring Summit] Empowering the Health of Those Impacted by Adoption and Foster Care




(March 2024) [Spring Summit] Empowering the Health of Those Impacted by Adoption and Foster Care

Discovering the Known Amongst the Unknown: please join us for a dynamic webinar with Kimara Gustafson, MD, MPH. Together we will explore the unique health challenges present for children, older youth, and young adults with lived adoption and foster care experience. We will specifically focus on how to navigate the ongoing healthcare landscape in an empowered manner.

Kimara Gustafson is an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, Department of Pediatrics. Her professional focus includes special health care needs of adoptive children and children who have experience in the foster care system. Kimara’s professional expertise includes the socio-emotional trauma impact on development, racial and cultural social identity development for trans-racially adoptive or foster care children, and racial discrimination among historically marginalized youth in the United States.

As Kimara’s work continues to evolve, she is now exploring additional tools and methods to continue to best support, encourage and empower children and their families to ensure they can reach their fullest potential. Her passions include mentorship, coaching, and providing professional support to those around her.

Watch time: 50 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 50 minutes

This webinar will expire on March 17, 2025

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