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#20220914 WEBINAR: When in Crisis! Help for Families Formed Through Adoption & Kinship




(September 2022) This webinar will present and discuss resources available for families when their child is experiencing a mental health crisis. Focus will be on exploring how to advocate for what is needed for the specific and unique needs of families formed through adoption and kinship. The presentation will discuss frustrations and barriers present in the current system(s) and offer options to address those barriers. You will come away from this training with strategies and helpful information that can support your family getting beyond the barriers to get the help you need.

Noelle Palmer, LMFT is an adoptive mother (child now adult) who experienced great difficulty in finding mental health professionals who understood the unique needs of families formed through adoption. During this time Noelle went back to school to become an Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and during that time had the theme of families formed through adoption through her educational training, internship, and into beginning a new career. 10 years ago, Noelle began working in Crisis Work and found that here too, the uniqueness of families formed through adoption in crisis and began to bring that lens into crisis work. Noelle is PACC certified and continues in her passion to provide this adoptive focused lens.

Watch time: 119 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 120 minutes

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