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Let’s Talk – The Overlooked Child (Part 1)

In part one of this two-part series, we will focus on elementary – middle school age children.  Don’t feel intimidated and disregarded!  Here’s how to make sure special education surrogates and foster parent voices, ideas and concerns are heard at…

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Let’s Talk – Open Your Mind and Heart

Hear from a parent who adopted through foster care while working within Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) guidelines. Samantha and her family developed an incredibly close bond with her child’s birth mother, and large extended family, while continuing to champion…

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Let’s Talk – A Racial Identity Journey

Isaac Etter grew up with very few Black people. His only reference for Black people was through television and the media. Transracial adoptees need parents who support their racial identity development in positive ways. In this episode, we will learn from…

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Let’s Talk – BTS of BTS Event!

We’re going Behind-the-Scenes of FAM’s Back-to-School shopping event.  Kim Sacay from FAM will share how it all got started.  Emily, a Child Specific Recruiter, and Kim will share how it all works… and Emily will provide the youth’s perspective. FOSTER…

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Let’s Talk – Design Flaws

Join us for an adoption discussion centered around author Joe Golemo's life as an adoptee, and in his new book Design Flaws, a murder mystery set in the Twin Cities. Author Joe Golemo draws distinct parallels to his own life…

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MN ADOPT Podcast

Let’s Talk – *Goodbye Again

Join us for a discussion of the memoir Goodbye Again. This book is the story of one birth mother's relinquishment, reunion, secondary loss, and journey to acceptance and healing. Her heart-wrenching book details how she lost her son - twice.…

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