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Let’s Talk – BTS of BTS Event!

We’re going Behind-the-Scenes of FAM’s Back-to-School shopping event.  Kim Sacay from FAM will share how it all got started.  Emily, a Child Specific Recruiter, and Kim will share how it all works… and Emily will provide the youth’s perspective. FOSTER…

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Let’s Talk – Design Flaws

Join us for an adoption discussion centered around author Joe Golemo's life as an adoptee, and in his new book Design Flaws, a murder mystery set in the Twin Cities. Author Joe Golemo draws distinct parallels to his own life…

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MN ADOPT Podcast

Let’s Talk – *Goodbye Again

Join us for a discussion of the memoir Goodbye Again. This book is the story of one birth mother's relinquishment, reunion, secondary loss, and journey to acceptance and healing. Her heart-wrenching book details how she lost her son - twice.…

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