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Let’s Talk – *[Spring Summit Series] Two topics, Three Spring Summit Guests in One!

Hear from child welfare professionals, Brianna Sigg and Stephanie Coleman, about their years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with marginalized identities.  They will also share the various types of safe care supports available in our communities.  You will leave feeling encouraged to open your heart and home to LGBTQ+ youth, and wanting to listen to their April webinar “Supporting Families Providing Care to LGBTQ+”. You can register for their webinar in April here.

Next up is Mariah Rooney.  Mariah will share how to bring more compassion and connection into our relationships through understanding complex inner worlds of young people and ourselves.  We will also learn more about Mariah’s inner world and her upcoming Spring Summit webinar, “Parts of You, Parts of Me…”. You can register for Mariah’s webinar in April here.

Brianna Sigg, MSW, LICSW (she/her) received her MSW from the University of Minnesota in 2018 and currently holds a LICSW. Brianna works as a licensed psychotherapist and provides educational trainings to a variety of different agencies and organizations. Brianna is the founder of Curiosity Counseling & Consultation and provides therapy through Lyn Lake Psychotherapy & Wellness. Throughout her career and personal life, she has expanded on her knowledge and experience providing a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ clients, particularly those who hold gender expansive identities, to explore themselves and navigate the unique challenges they face due to their identity. Brianna has grown passionate about working with children, adolescents, and adults who hold marginalized identities. Brianna operates through a trauma-informed lens with a particular focus on attachment, development and identity.

Stephanie Coleman, MSW, LICSW, works as the Director of Social Work for Children’s Home Society and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota where she oversees Foster Care Adoption, Domestic Infant Adoption, Pregnancy Services, and Education programs. She came to this role with experience directly working with youth in foster care seeking permanency, supporting adoptive families by providing attachment-focused and trauma-informed strategies, and providing education to adults considering adoption. Stephanie earned her Masters of Social Work from the University of Minnesota in 2018 and is currently licensed as an Independent Clinical Social Worker. Stephanie completed the Permanency and Adoption Competency Certificate through the University of Minnesota’s Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare in 2019.

Mariah Rooney, MSW, LICSW is a psychotherapist who has practiced in outpatient, community, hospital and specialty care settings; an adjunct faculty member in the graduate School of Social Work at Winona State University; a past consultant for the NCTSN’s Center for the Treatment of Developmental Trauma Disorders; and was previously a fellow at the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute. She has extensive experience in clinical work with children and adults treating the complex challenges that arise as a result of traumatic stress, attachment trauma, intergenerational trauma, and dissociation. Additionally, her research, consultation, and writing has focused on areas such as gender-related violence, military trauma, trauma-informed embodiment practices, developmental trauma, and systems-level interventions to prevent and address the impacts of trauma. Additionally, Mariah is a consultant with the American Institutes for Research. Her primary responsibilities include supporting capacity-building to prevent and address the effects of violence and trauma within individual agencies and schools, national and state agencies, state-wide coalitions, and multi-agency collaboratives. Additionally, she is the Co-Founder of Trauma Informed Weight Lifting, a program of the Center for Trauma and Embodiment.


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