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Let’s Talk – *The Making of “Flipping the Script” – Segment 3

Please join us for a chat with Daisy and Coco as they relay their experiences of going back to their birth countries on a ten-month journey. Their long-term goal is to create and share “Flipping the Script” – a wellness workbook for young people. However, in order to help others achieve mental wellness, they will first deeply explore their own histories. We will follow them on their journey in uncovering and sharing their findings of the human condition, societal influences, and the stories we all hold.

Daisy and Coco of Minnesota are currently developing a new program on the power of story – as it shapes the lives of young people. Through their nearly completed emotional wellness workbook created specifically for youth (titled “Flipping the Script”), they will provide tools to help cultivate youth identity through their stories. Because Daisy and Coco were adopted from China and India, they understand the importance and urgency of their work – the deep emotional baggage that comes along with being adopted – the unanswered and unanswerable questions regarding their past. And yet, they continue to believe that owning our whole story lies at the crux of our identity, our mental well-being, and journey to self-actualization.



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