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Let’s Talk – Design Flaws

Join us for an adoption discussion centered around author Joe Golemo’s life as an adoptee, and in his new book Design Flaws, a murder mystery set in the Twin Cities.

Author Joe Golemo draws distinct parallels to his own life in his murder mystery Design Flaws. Joe grew up knowing he was adopted, but did not know his adoptive mother had stayed in contact with his birth mother. Through an ancestry website, he discovered his family tree and believes his birth father is either the Catholic Priest that brokered his adoption or the brother of the priest. In Design Flaws, brothers Grayson and Dean Doyle discover they were adopted just as their adoptive father was being laid to rest. After finding a prominent St. Paul attorney claiming to be their birth father through an ancestry website, the attorney is brutally murdered. The brothers realize they must find the murderer before they are the next victims.

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