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MN ADOPT Expands Contract with the Department of Human Services to Include Services for Foster Care and Kinship Communities.

Due to legislative changes in 2017, MN ADOPT’s contract with DHS was expanded to add services focused on the Minnesota foster care and kinship communities.  While this work was already being done on an informal, limited basis, this contract change increased funding and services available to these communities.  With this expanded contract, MN ADOPT added the following programs:

Fostering Network – Provides information and referral to those interested in becoming licensed for child foster care.
FosterED – A partnership with counties and licensing agencies to offer free educational offerings to their licensed foster parents.
Post Adoption Navigator – Proactive reach out to families who have recently finalized the adoption of a child under state guardianship, with a focus on providing resource and information, and raising awareness about the availability of post adoption services.
Post Search – Provides information and referral for adoptive and birth families seeking information and connection.



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