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MARN Expands Yet Again to Establish the HELP Program

Due to the increasing clinical and supportive needs of the adoption community, in 2011 MARN and the Minnesota Department of Human Services extended its contract services to include the establishment of a nationally unique program focused on providing post-adoption clinical support and resource linkage assistance to the Minnesota adoption community. This exciting new initiative was called simply the HELP Program, as its goal was to ‘help’ Minnesota families that adopted through the Minnesota foster care system.

Since the program’s inception, and the quick identification of need, the HELP Program expanded its supportive services to be accessible not only to those families that adopted through the Minnesota foster care system, but also those that adopted Internationally, Domestically (e.g. Domestic Infant; Adoption through another states foster care system) as well as Kinship adoption families. In addition, the HELP Program became a source of great support, education and guidance to the myriad community professionals that intersect with this population.



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