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#20200421- WEBINAR: Helping Ourselves, Children and Teens Grieve




(April 2020)  Foster children, foster parents, and families of origin experience grief and need support and understanding during the foster care process. This workshop will include stages of grief, developmental understanding of loss, how culture and grief interact, the broad framework for loss, disenfranchised grief, rituals, and myths about grief. There will be case examples and ideas that can be used right away. There will also be time for some activities and discussion.

Marc Markell teaches at St. Cloud State University in the Department of Special Education. He also teaches at Worsham College of Mortuary Science. In addition, Marc teaches an online class for a university in Korea. He teaches Death Education to 2nd and 3rd grader and 6th and 7th graders at Mayflower United Church of Christ. Marc earned his PhD from University of Minnesota and Educational Psychology. He is a certified Professional Development Specialist through the University of Kansas Center for research on learning. He is a certified Thanatologist through the Association of Death Educators and Counseling, and certified in Death and Grief Studies from Colorado State University through the Center for Loss and Life Transition.  He has presented locally, nationally, and internationally. Marc has earned the following certifications from national funeral service professional organizations: End of Life Doula, Crematory Operator, Funeral Arranger, and Celebrant. Marc has published three books, book chapters, and numerous articles on grief.

Watch time: 97 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 105 minutes

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