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#20200723- WEBINAR: Reliable Paths to Regulation




(July 2020) Children and adolescents with histories of developmental trauma often experience disruptions in the development of healthy regulation and attachment. This can have a profound impact on their ability to be in healthy relationship with others, including parents, caregivers, and clinicians. During our time together we’ll explore how Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment (SMART), a therapeutic approach that engages the whole child, mind and body, supports regulation, the safe processing of trauma, and builds attachment. This bottom-up approach utilizes a variety of therapeutic equipment such as exercise balls, large cushions and crash pads, and weighted blankets to support children in regulating their bodies and emotions, and can easily be adapted for the home environment. We’ll share stories from our work with children and families, and we’ll discuss the ways in which a child may already be showing you what their body needs to support greater regulation and connection. We’ll offer tools for home and/or a therapeutic office space that can immediately be put to use!

Amie Summers, LGSW, 
is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner trained in Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment (SMART) through Dr. Bessel van der Kolk’s Trauma Center. In her private psychotherapy practice she has the honor of witnessing kids and teens, many of whom are from “hard places,” transform and re-discover their “awesome” through the support of a variety of modalities, including somatic work and therapeutic play.

Mariah Rooney, LICSW, RYT, is a clinical social worker and specializes in treating the complex challenges that arise as a result of traumatic stress, attachment trauma, intergenerational trauma, and dissociation. Her clinical experience includes work with children, adolescents and adults in outpatient, community, hospital and specialty care settings. She was a fellow at the Trauma Center in Boston, MA where she received extensive training in treating individuals and families of all ages with histories of complex trauma. Mariah is deeply committed to examining the intersections of social justice, trauma and mental health and participating in efforts to decolonize mental healthcare and increase access to anti-oppressive healing spaces.

Watch time: 95 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 90 minutes

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