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#20190624 – FREE WEBINAR: Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: Basics for Foster and Adoptive Families




(June 2019) Children in the foster care system are vulnerable to experiencing human trafficking and sexual exploitation. This webinar gives foster, pre-adoptive and adoptive families an overview of how to identify trafficking and exploitation, including grooming and recruitment behavior. Participants will also learn about mandated reporting and the safe harbor response in Minnesota. The training will discussion of assessing safety and risk, and engaging with youth while working toward normalcy in the home. This webinar is for resource families in Minnesota, including foster families, pre-adoptive families, and licensing agencies. No prior knowledge of trafficking or exploitation is necessary.

Sarah Ladd is the Human Trafficking Child Protection Program Coordinator at the DHS Child Safety and Permanency Division. Her role is to lead collaborative efforts to create a more effective and cohesive response to child trafficking victims through the child welfare system statewide. Sarah is also a licensed attorney who has been active in the anti-trafficking movement for nearly a decade, and she has nearly fifteen years of direct services experience with victims of crime and human rights abuses. Sarah researches, writes, and trains professionals on the development of collaborative, trauma-informed responses that accompany human trafficking survivors on their healing journey. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI, and a law degree from Michigan State University College of Law.

Tammi Stoos, currently an on-going child protection worker, has over 18 years of social work experience, 16 years of training experience and many more years within the child welfare system as a whole. Tammi has dedicated her life to the child welfare system through her years of work, volunteering and being a foster-adopt parent to almost 40 children. She has served on numerous committees and strives to be a leader and champion in all areas of child welfare, specifically foster care, permanency and sex trafficking and exploitation.

Watch time: 113 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 120 minutes

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