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Let’s Talk – While You’re Waiting (and still waiting) for an Adoptive Placement

“I’m licensed and there are hundreds of children in Minnesota who need adoptive families immediately.  Why is this taking so long!”  Many adoptive families find themselves asking this question after becoming licensed.  The first of this five-part series will provide adoptive families firsthand experience of what can be expected after the much-anticipated official licensing date.  Listen to our conversation with an adoptive parent to hear how this can be the hardest and most confusing part of the adoption process and for tips to get through the wait.  The series will continue down the road of the adoption process from matching to finalization and beyond!  Let’s start with While You’re Waiting….

Today we are joined by Amy Arntson, an adoptive parent who was selected by Voice for Adoption’s Family Portrait Project to represent Minnesota at the adoption awareness event in D.C.  Their story captured the attention of Adopt US Kids who filmed a short video about their experience.   Amy and her husband are often lovingly referred to as parents of the year by their three children.


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