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Information presented by: Nicole Sheppard, MA, LPCC

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#20210121- WEBINAR: Closing the Gap: Anxiety in Foster and Adopted Children & Adolescents

Tense muscles, overeating, not sleeping, chipped teeth (!), and anger outbursts. When children and adolescents have big anxieties, there are myriad avenues through which their anxiety may manifest – and for us adults in their lives, it can all too often get our own anxieties hooked along with theirs…

#20210928 – WEBINAR: Understanding and Managing Your Anxiety

The combination of stress and isolation during the past year-and-a-half create the perfect storm for experiencing anxiety and worry. This webinar will provide an overview of recent neuroscience advances that inform about the anxious brain and the resilient brain. The presentation will discuss brain-based strategies for coping with anxious rumination and calming the body…

#20220302- WEBINAR: The Aftermath of Suicide: Survivors Living Through the Pain

“Suicide does not end the pain. It transfers the pain to the survivors”. This quote by an unknown author seems to exemplify the experience of many suicide survivors. Suicide is a major public health concern, much like heart disease and cancer, yet grief after a suicide is more complicated and is too often unsupported…

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