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#20210311- WEBINAR: Parenting Children of Color: A Call to Introspection, Awareness, and Action!




(March 2021) In this thought-provoking presentation and conversation, Jennifer Harvey and Robert O’Connor share their experiences around racial identity and equity, to inform and enlighten our journey with our children of all races.

Powerful multi-generational patterns of white socialization shape the lives of white Americans. These patterns show up in every aspect of U.S. social life. They impact our families and parenting journeys: whatever the racial identities and experiences of the children and youth in our lives. Discussion of the importance of bringing anti-racist frameworks into the lives of parents, caregivers and other adults as they/we seek to understand our own racial journey and nurture our children of diverse racial identities.

In this presentation Jennifer Harvey will bring insights from her broader research to reflect on the ways understanding such patterns can help us identify shared tools and practices that can grow our capacity for anti-racism and, with it, more authentic, mutual, and connective interracial relationships.

Robert O’Connor will share his lived experience and strong belief that the next level of conversation with our families is a call to action.  This session will seek to help families to mobilize their convictions on behalf of their families.  America needs our voices, and our children deserve to be centered, not othered.

Jennifer Harvey is professor of religion at Drake University where she also serves as Faculty Director for the Crew Scholars Program. She has a Ph.D. in Christian Ethics from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. Her work focuses primarily on racial justice and white anti-racism. Her books include the New York Times Bestseller Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in Racially Unjust America and Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation. Dr. Harvey has written for the New York Times, CNN and countless other publications and is a widely sought public speaker. She has made appearances on several nationally syndicated television programs, including Good Morning America to CNN’s Town Hall with Sesame Street. She is also a frequent guest on a variety of radio markets, including having been interviewed on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” with Michel Martin and “It’s Been a Minute” with Sam Sanders.

Robert O’Connor, MSW, is a national speaker and thought leader on transracial families in child welfare. He is on faculty and serves as the director of child welfare at Metropolitan State University. He is a former state ward turned state ward administrator, who grew up in transracial placements. In 2016, O’Connor was the recipient of the Anti-Racism Legacy Award at Metropolitan State for being a consistent advocate of an inclusive and anti-racist university. O’Connor has co-chaired the ARLT and the anti-racism education sub-committee, co-authored the anti-racism campus climate survey, and is a leadership team member on the Diversity Council, among many other roles. In addition to being a professor at Metropolitan State, O’Connor is the founder of the Transracial Adoption Network, a subject matter expert in culture and diversity issues in out of home placements and has been interviewed by national media outlets on transracial adoption issues.

Watch time: 121 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 120 minutes

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