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#2020924- WEBINAR: Complex Trauma: What the Heck Is Going on with Students These Days?!! Core Ideas for Educators




(September 2020)  Educators – come one come all! – as we pull back the curtain of confusion on complex trauma in the classroom. Understood as ‘fear stuck in the mind’, you will learn how complex trauma develops in young people.  The burden of ‘fear stuck in the mind’ predictably deploys two major motivations: to flee from perceived threat and to seek safety. In the classroom this looks like avoiding, blaming, instigating, refusing, and, yes, even aggression.

For children exposed to compromised living conditions, fear accumulates.  This leads to the central symptom of complex trauma: ‘low frustration tolerance’, which inevitably activates reactive and disruptive behaviors at home and school.

Join Paul Buckley’s rapid ride webinar to demystify what it means to ‘process emotions’, discover how trauma generates a protective ‘sub-personality of avoidance, resistance, and blame’, and, most importantly, gather pragmatic strategies that help children vexed by ‘fear stuck in the mind’.


Understand Complex Trauma’s symptoms and development
Awareness and discussion of the process of processing emotions: Attend, Attune, Amend, Transcend.
Awareness and discussion of 3 classroom strategies helpful to students with Complex Trauma

Paul Buckley, M.A., LMFT

Paul Buckley has been helping families and their children for the past 30 years. He incorporates concepts of attachment and trauma-based therapy models in an emotionally warm and playful manner to help clients deepen relationships and solve problems. As a regional trainer and national speaker on topics of anger and family preservation, he conveys pragmatic information with an entertaining style.

Watch time: 84 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 90 minutes

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