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#20180815 – Webinar: Understanding and Coping With Behavior Problems in Children




(August 15, 2018) This workshop will focus on seeing behavior problems as opportunities to better understand the foster or adopted child or youth.  We will focus on how understanding the purpose of behavior problems leads us to better interventions and solutions within the family context.  Here are some of the behavior “opportunities” we will address:
– lying and manipulation
– anger and aggression
– hoarding and hiding food
– non-compliance and defiance
– stealing

Dr. Rick Delaney is an internationally known clinical psychologist, speaker and consultant to foster, kinship, and adoptive parents and programs.  Dr. Delaney has given several hundred presentations in the throughout the United States, Canada, and the Bermuda Islands.  He is currently the principal investigator of Foster Parent College (

Watch time: 91 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 90 minutes

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