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1158d – Webinar – Mommy am I Next? Discussing White on Black Racism with Transracial Adoptees




(November 2016)  This training will review the particulars as to why police are more apt to pull the trigger on blacks than whites. Further, we will discuss the stress associated with living with the constant threat of being the next victim in a police-involved shooting. White adoptive parents and their children are rightfully concerned. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce and redirect these stressful stimuli in ways that are neuro-protective to the brain.

In an ever-increasing technological society fraught with information overload, Transracial Adoptees (TRA) are often stressed and anxious with no productive way to counter the insults. A growing corpus of research suggests that mindfulness among school age boys and girls has promising outcomes, having a profound impact on health, school performance (learning and memory) and social interactions.  This webinar training will include the following learning objectives:

  • Brief history of race and policing
  • Adoption and white privilege
  • Why love just isn’t enough
  • Understand the science behind mindfulness can help TRA families
  • Discuss how the research on adolescents can prepare treatment
  • Gain an understanding of why mindfulness is an antidote for living in a white racist society
  • Guided-mindfulness practice

Dr. Darron T Smith is a faculty member at the University of Memphis in the Department of Sociology. He is frequent political and cultural commentator for Huffington Post on various issues of inequality in the form of racism, classism and other systems of U.S. based oppression. He has also contributed to various forums from Religion Dispatches and ESPN’s Outside the Lines to The New York Times and Chicago Tribune op-ed sections. Dr. Smith’s research spans a wide myriad of topics on including healthcare disparities, Religious Studies, Race & Sports, Stress & Mindfulness, Transracial Adoption and the Black Family. His current research focuses on healthcare workforce discrimination involving African American physician assistants. His is the author of When Race, Religion & Sports Collide: Blacks Athletes at BYU and Beyond, was recently released to critical praise in November 2016.

Watch time: 64 minutes

Eligible Certificate of Completion time: 60 minutes

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