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Let’s Talk – The Back-to-School Transition

With school days just around the corner, families would like more than just a back-to-school supply list to help them prepare. For the first of our two-part series, we will discuss how to get ready for the school days transition.

In our follow-up podcast with Brenda Benning, we will discuss topics that Brenda will cover during her webinar titled, Defiance & Disrespect: Battles with Homework and Chores. Listeners can get a preview of Brenda’s Sept. 13th webinar to help better prepare for the start of the school season.

Brenda Benning works with families individually in home and group settings, both in person and virtually. Her primary focus is adoptive families with children healing from trauma histories and attachment issues.  Brenda not only has extensive professional experience, but has real-life experience as an adoptive parent and family.



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