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Meet Riley


Riley likes to spend quality time telling stories and jokes. He is very knowledgeable in many topics and enjoys talking about dinosaurs, science, bugs, and how things are built. Riley has a great imagination and likes putting these thoughts on paper. He loves keeping his hands busy and has a significant interest in Legos, inventing, and building things. Riley has also shown a great interest in Pokémon and Dungeon and dragons.  Riley enjoys reading and does a great job teaching others about his interests. Riley has lots of energy and finds joy in riding his bike, going to the park, hiking, swimming, soccer, 4 square, and downhill skiing. Riley treasures bugs and creatures and cares deeply about his bearded dragon. He would do well in a two-parent home that can provide structure and routine. 

Only families from Minnesota and bordering states are being considered at this time.

Ref #:5494
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