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Foster Care Webinars

Foster Care Webinars

The MN ADOPT Education Program promotes the importance of ongoing learning through a variety of in-person and online based educational offerings focused on topics specific to parenting through adoption, foster care or kinship caregiving.

Adoption, foster care and kinship caregiving includes unique challenges which often benefit from ongoing education, assistance and guidance. Since 2009, the MN ADOPT Education Program has been committed to providing quality, affordable and relevant educational opportunities that speak directly to real-life experiences. Well known national and local presenters share their expertise and experience.

We invite you to explore our upcoming trainings and workshops, as well as those available for immediate purchase in our  webinar library.

Need credit toward licensure? MN ADOPT offers Certificates of Attendance following every in-person, live webinar and pre-recorded webinar. If you watch a pre-recorded webinar, you will have the option to complete a post-test and receive a Certificate of Completion.

Professionals who are interested in collaborating with MN ADOPT’s Education Program, should visit: Professional Collaboration

Meet Wendylee Raun and Jackie Brovold. Together they talk about the Education Program at MN ADOPT.

FACT:  Last year, over 12,000 people viewed or attended MN ADOPT’s recorded or live adoption and foster-care based webinars.

MN ADOPT is a non-profit that serves adoptive, kinship, and foster families in Minnesota. MN ADOPT provides online resources and referrals to therapeutic, crisis services and support groups; comprehensive education and training opportunities. We work to raise public awareness about adoption and foster care, helping to find a stable and permanent home for Minnesota Waiting Children.

Go here to view profiles and learn about Minnesota’s Waiting Children.

If you have questions for any MN ADOPT staff, please fill out the form below.

“I appreciated the presenter’s sharing of real-life examples. My Ah Ha from this presentation was how important to the child is a relationship with their birth family, if possible.”
Workshop:  Blood is Thick: Working with the Foster Youth’s Family, with Charley Joyce, LICSW

“I am a healthcare researcher and a total neophyte to this area.  It is always good to hear from one who has had actual experience and can relate that experience to others.  I learned a GREAT DEAL tonight about adoption, adoptees, and adoptive parents.  It was time well-spent for me.  It has greatly sensitized me to what adoptees and adoptive parents might be feeling and dealing with.”
Workshop: Complexities of Being Adopted, with Tara VanderWoude

“I liked the explanation of children’s behavior that have experienced trauma.  It made it much easier to understand some of the issues we are experiencing.  The presentation was easy to follow and the material was easy to understand.”
Workshop: Kinship Care, with Kirsten Langerman, MSW, LICSW

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In 2020...

Minnesotans adopted 1221 children from foster care.*
733 children were still waiting for a permanent home.
Of the 733 still waiting:

  • 46% were 12-18 years old
  • 28% were 6-11 years old
  • 26% were under 6 years

*information provided by MN DHS


To find and strengthen Minnesota adoptive, foster care and kinship families

We do this by:

Raising AWARENESS about the need for families for Minnesota children

Providing INFORMATION AND REFERRAL to those interested in becoming adoptive, foster care, and kinship care families.

Offering EDUCATION relevant to adoptive, foster and kinship families and the professionals that work with them.

Providing individualized SUPPORT, GUIDANCE and RESOURCES to foster, adoptive and kinship families. 

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