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FosterEd Workshops

The MN ADOPT Education Program offers AdoptEd workshops, which are geared towards families and professionals to help address the specific needs and challenges faced in the adoption and foster care community.  We also have our FosterEd workshops which are specifically formatted for foster parents and the unique needs licensed foster families face. These trainings are funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). We currently offer 16 FosterEd topics, including FASD, Children’s Mental Health, Attachment, Race & Culture, and many more. The goal is to provide valuable information and practical tools to navigate the complexities of caring for children who have experienced trauma and the impact that has on foster families. These workshops are to help meet annual licensing requirements for foster providers in MN.

FosterEd trainings are not open to the public and therefore not listed on the MN ADOPT website. These live workshops are shared via email directly with county, tribal, and agency licensing workers. If you need more information about our FosterEd offerings, please reach out to us at

We also invite you to explore our webinar library, to see a large variety of topics offered. Under our FosterEd programming, licensed families have access to free pre-recorded webinars each month. These webinars will be shared via email, along with the free live webinars, through your licensing worker.  Do you need credit toward your foster care license? MN ADOPT offers Certificates of Attendance following every in-person and live webinar. If you watch a pre-recorded webinar, you will have the option to complete a post-test and receive a Certificate of Completion.

Our podcasts are also a great option for parents and professionals. You can view our podcast library and/or our specific Foster Care 101 Podcast Series to learn more.

Our webinars cover sensitive topics such as grief, trauma, abuse, neglect, and sexual behaviors. We acknowledge these topics may be triggering or uncomfortable for some individuals. Please be mindful of your own boundaries and needs.

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