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MN ADOPT Policy on Re-Homing 

MN ADOPT, a non-profit organization founded in 1980 on the principles of finding families for Minnesota children needing adoptive homes, adheres and recommends policies and practices that prevent and deter “re-homing” or passing an adopted child to another family without therapeutic and legal oversight. This practice has been connected to using technology such as the Internet and social media, to abandon and traffic the children to families without any professional oversight.

MN ADOPT believes that adoption, like giving birth to a child, is for life.  Our programs proscribe the vetting of families before they adopt.  Our services include pre and post adoption support to families. This support is essential to the health of the family, especially to families that may be in a crisis. As adoption professionals and role-models for the next generation, our greatest responsibility is to the children we serve. To assure their safety and well-being, we insist that only child-placing licensed entities have the authority to move Minnesota children from one home to another. Our professional responsibility is to call Child Protection as appropriate.

Until Minnesota enacts laws that restrict the advertising and custody transfers of children, MN ADOPT will continue to educate families and placing agencies of the dangers of this practice to children.

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